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Longball is a national company based in Red Deer, Alberta. Its primary mandate is to manufacture and distribute athletic apparel, accessories, corporately branded merchandise and logo wear. After receiving a recommendation from a previous client we had hired Intrinsic Management Consulting Inc. to help us develop a strategic plan. Prior to hiring [Intrinsic Management Consulting Inc.] we were continually shaping our strategy based on learning experiences, client’s expectations and what each of the owners had perceived the company to be during that period of time.

Immediately after hiring Intrinsic Management Consulting Inc. [they] became engaged in our business activities to learn more about Longball, attended buying shows to understand our product and most importantly what they could do to set us up for success. As a result they had helped us prepare a very sound strategic plan with achievable goals and a road map for multiple years to come. The end product was delivered in a timely and very well documented format. Throughout the process they were very professional, engaging and in our case flexible to meet our varying schedules.

Since finalizing our strategic plan they have continually followed up to see how we are doing and let us know of any opportunities on the horizon. This has been great to know that we have their valued support as we move forward.

Working with [Intrinsic Management Consulting Inc.] has been a great experience, one that has helped provide structure to our business as well as ensure that we have a solid foundation in place to effectively grow.

Based on our experiences we highly recommend Intrinsic Management Consulting Inc. to other small businesses looking to grow and become a sustainable company.

Jeff Wood
Longball Inc.

I have been in the filing and storage systems business for 22 years and knew that it was time to figure out the future of my business. By completing Intrinsic Management Consulting Inc.’s Business Health Check, it really made me think about the direction of my business and the areas that I needed to focus on.

I hired [Intrinsic Management Consulting Inc.] to work with me on strategic planning. As a small business owner, the process was a great learning experience and very beneficial for my entire team. We have a renewed sense of energy, purpose and direction for the work we do. I look forward to working with [Intrinsic Management Consulting Inc.] on an ongoing basis in 2015 to support the opportunities that lie ahead of my company.

I highly recommend Intrinsic Management Consulting Inc.’s Business Health Check to other small business owners who are looking to grow their business. The advice and recommendations that [Intrinsic Management Consulting Inc.] provided will support the growth of my company in years to come.

Neil McLennan
McLennan & Company

Apparel Solutions International Inc. hired Intrinsic Management Consulting Inc. Inc. to conduct employee engagement interviews and lead and develop a meaningful team building workshop. Their innovative approach provided us with value beyond our expectations. They provided an overall business focused report of recommendations and a detailed implementation plan to ensure that the team building would be sustained and improve employee engagement going forward. As a result, we had them do some additional consulting to help us develop a strategic plan, wonderful work. We are well on our way to successfully implementing the recommended changes needed to achieve our goals.

Working with Intrinsic Management Consulting Inc. has been an invaluable experience. [Intrinsic Management Consulting Inc.] consistently bring professionalism, tenacity, patience and a deep understanding of the issues surrounding SME’s. We feel it was as important to them as it was to us to ensure that our consulting dollars were well spent and value was ultimately delivered. They continuously follow up with us to see how we are making out and occasionally give us free advice! Thanks ladies for the support.

Tom Legare
President & CEO
Apparel Solutions International Inc.
Apparel Solutions USA LLC