Our Trusted Network
Intrinsic Management Consulting Inc. takes pride in developing strategic relationships with other organizations.  By having a strong network of trusted colleagues, we can ensure our clients are connected to the best resources to achieve their success.

Mary Gibson Consulting

Mary Gibson Consulting Inc. is a trusted partner!  We have worked with Mary for 10 years and her work has always been exceptional. She can help you with clinical adoption of information technology, relationship building, strategic planning, and organizational design and development.  Feel free to visit Mary's website at:


Quercus Solutions

Quercus Solutions is a trusted partner!  We have worked with Andrew and Stephanie for over 10 years and always trust them to solve our business technology problems.  Quercus specializes in custom mobile and web applications as well as SharePoint jumpstarts, upgrades, governance and development. To contact Quercus Solutions, please follow this link to their website:


Optimax Benefits

Optimax Benefits is a trusted partner! We have worked with Earl and Chelsea for 1 year on many different initiatives including Green Business Canada. Optimax Benefits specializes in employee benefits, providing experience, unbiased and cost-effective information that assists you with budgeting for renewals, examining your carrier’s renewal reports and negotiating the best possible renewal.


Investegies Wealth Management

Investegies Wealth Management is a trusted partner! We have worked with Peter and Jayne for 10 years. Investegies Wealth Management is a premier wealth and risk management firm of independent brokers who are able to find you the best solution for your needs. They have relationships with multiple investment and insurance companies which means they can research the industry to find what solutions best fit the strategy you are trying to achieve, in the most affordable way, while guiding you through the 6 important areas of your financial life – investing; reducing taxes; income protection in the case of death, disability or critical illness; retirement planning; estate planning; and savings and cash flow management.

Green Business Canada

Green Business Canada is a trusted partner! Intrinsic Management Consulting is proud to partner with Maris Media and Optimax Benefits to establish a more meaningful way to accelerate the green movement in Canada by connecting business, innovators, government, educators and consumers and encouraging shared environmental responsibility. They are accomplishing this through media presence, networking events, tradeshows and giving back to the ‘green’ community.